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3d Models

Thug Head Old Man Head Old Man Face Female Head Jennifer Garner Pigtails Model FatMan Mel Front Mel Back Mel Head Ray-Baking Shadows Fire Escape Fire Escape Render Blender's Random Detail Generator Low poly Cartoon Castle 'Sharp Construct' head sculpt
A switch in style this year, reflecting future changes to this website - which will commence in due course. So, please forgive the chaotic look and the lack of explanations with these pics.. There are some game character heads here, along with progress shots and diagrams of my 'strip' or 'loop' approach to organic modelling. There's a look at the 3d version of 'Mel' the heroine of Soul Warriors. Also there are some game engine alpha/transparency tests (the fire escape images) a look at a random detail generator for Blender 3D, and a creature head sculpted in 'Sharp Construct', an open-source app similar to Zbrush.

Jennifer Garner Proposed Telescope for Astronomical Society
Lots of web work this year, but I managed to squeeze a couple of projects in. First is my attempt (on-going) at building an almost photoreal head. My subject is Jennifer Garner of 'Alias' and 'Elektra' fame. The telescope is a proposed design to house our Astronomical Society's 28" mirror.

Compound 01 Compound 02 Compound 03
Once I had the hang of unrealEd, I began to piece together a level which featured a location from the 'Soul Warriors' universe, and contained open spaces and water.

Crib 01 Crib 02 Crib 03
First works in unrealEd, a single player level using 'Soul Warriors' characters.

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