The Art of Gary Myers

Concept Art

00 SquirrelZoid Mad Doctor 03
Time has not been on my side - conceptually speaking - this year, I've done a lot more work on the 'hard graphics' side, mostly DVD covers and such. However I have recently crammed in two projects, presented here for your amusement. The first image is from 00 SquirrelZoid", an animated series being developed by myself and a few friends. Next up is my 'mad doctor' for a Polycount weekly concept sketching challenge, I did some ortho views for this, so I might model him at a later date.

Battle Angel (Marker rendering) Battle Angel (Photoshop rendering) Flying Bondagh Joullyn Creature Crawley Bondagh The Tool Street Gang
Various pieces here, from my 'Battle Angel' a homage to warhammer 40,000 - and a test piece for using marker pen techniques, to 'Soul Warriors the animated series' monster character concepts, and a design revision for a 3d pre-school kids show called 'The Tool Street Gang'.

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